Purple Corn Press

Purple Corn Press is a small indie press based off Oklahoma City. Our passion is to publish books that empower and promote tolerance and respect to our fellow cohabitants of planet Earth.

At this moment, Purple Corn Press is dedicated to publish books by Peruvian born author (and founder of PCP) Mariana Llanos, but,hopefully, in a not distant future, it will be open for projects from different authors.

In our blog, sometimes we post in English, some other times in Spanish, some other times bilingual content that we hope you enjoy. Please, like and share your favorite posts.

Enjoy the ride!

WHY PURPLE CORN? you might ask…

“When I was looking for a name for my own publishing company, I wanted it to stand out and show who I am. I chose Purple Corn, a name familiar to all Peruvian people–like myself. Purple Corn (Maiz Morado) is a type of corn, deep purple in color, used to make a refreshing drink called chicha morada . This corn is used from the times of the Incas! I knew right away I had a very special name for my publishing firm.” Mariana Llanos


Email contact@marianallanos.com with questions and inquiries

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