Have you written a great story? Are you considering self-publishing? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of information from hundreds of so-called-experts? Do you have an amazing idea and don’t know where to start?

I can help you!

I started my publishing journey in 2013, after years of research and evaluation of my best options. I have published thirteen titles (English and Spanish) independently, and along these years I have gathered tons of experience and resources that I’m eager to share with you. Last year I signed a contract with a traditional publisher for my new picture book due out in spring 2018.

Don’t let people fool you: publishing a book isn’t easy, nor it should be. Publishing is a process that takes time and dedication. Sadly, self-publishing gained a tainted fame due to authors rushing to publish work that was just “not there yet”. The good news is, many independent authors have realized the importance of keeping high standards to compete against the traditional publishing industry committing to publish works that feature strong writing, thorough editing and high quality art design. It benefits us all!

This is how I can help YOU:

My experience is best suited for children’s books but I can help you too even if that’s not your genre.

I can answer your questions and help clarify the complicated road to publishing. Along with upcoming workshops, I’m now offering to share my experience with you in a customized one-on-one session.

I’m in an exceptional position to help you, since I have experience in both self-publishing and traditional publishing.

My goal is to help you make informed decisions as you travel your own unique road to publication.

What do you need?

  • You need to have a clear idea of what you would like to ask me. Write down your question. There are no *dumb* questions!
  • If your book is written, please send me a 1 to 2 pages summary or a sample chapter prior to our appointment. If it’s a picture book (less than 2000 words) you can send the full manuscript. This is to give me an idea of your writing style and genre.

What ‘s in the consulting session?

Besides answering your own questions, I will provide you with an overview of the publishing process. I’ll review your expectations and goals to suggest your best options when you are ready to publish. We’ll talk about book formats, pricing, self-publishing services, and business set up. I’ll provide you an overview of marketing strategies that’ll help you get your book in front of potential readers.

If you are aiming for traditional publishing, then I will give you an overall view of the industry and resources to help make informed decisions. We’ll take about the submission process and how to make your writing shine.

What this service is NOT:

  • NOT an editing or critique service
  • NOT a writing service
  • NOT a website set-up or design service
  • NOT a graphic design service, but I can direct you to professionals who can help you.
  • Not a sales or distribution program. I cannot assure you your book will be successful. Each person’s experience is different and unique.
  • Although I do not offer you any of the above mentioned services, I will direct you to professionals who can help you! Just remember to do due diligence. I recommend only based on my own experience.

Social media: On IN PERSON meetings I can help you set up your social media if you bring your own laptop.



  • Consulting in Person in Oklahoma City: $100 per one hour session. Follow up 30 min. session:$45. Email follow up for 2 months included.
  • Consulting via Skype: $100 per one hour session. Follow up session of 30 min. session: $45. Email follow up for up to two months included.
  • Fee must be paid in advance. Fully refundable only if we don’t meet in person or Skype.
  • Please contact me to schedule your consulting session. Payment via Paypal (credit or debit accepted).


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