An Open Call for Submissions: Children-Poets


Purple Corn Press looks for poetry created by children to be included in an upcoming anthology of poetry and art. Our goal is to encourage children to write imaginatively and to foster a passion for poetry.


Some questions to get you inspired: How do you see our world? Do you think grownups are doing a good job taking are of our planet? What would you do instead? What do you love most about our world? What would aliens think about our planet if they came to Earth? Do you think they’ll love it? If you could, how would you change the world?

Call for subs

Please read the guidelines and follow the directions for submission:

  • All poems must be created by children (ages 6 to 16, no exceptions), and must be their original work. Poems must be submitted in English.
  • Poems must be submitted by children’s parents or legal guardians or teachers. We will not accept poems submitted directly from children.
  • Each entrant may submit up to three poems. We will select up to two poems per entrant. Poems should not be longer than 27 lines. We will consider all types of poetry, rhymed or unrhymed, as long as it is highly imaginative.
  • Please, do not send illustrations. Each child-poet will be paired with a professional illustrator.
  • Each person selected in the anthology will receive a copy of the book.
  • This project will be funded through a Kickstarter campaign. We will seek to pay a modest amount for each child-poet if project is fully funded. This project might not see light of day if not funded through Kickstarter. At some point, we will ask you to share links to the Kickstarter page and to promote the campaign with friends and family.
  • If child is selected we will need a picture of your child and your permission to share along with his/her name on social media. Also, we’ll be doing promotional posts on our blog and other media.
  • We reserve the right to select or not to select a poem for the anthology. Reasons for not selecting a poem vary greatly, and many times has nothing to do with its quality. We will do our best to let you know if your poem was selected or not. We also reserve the right to not continue with this project.
  • Download a permission slip to be signed by parents: Permission to submit 


  • Send poems to
  • On the subject field write: Submission and (first and last name). In the body of the email include a short cover letter telling us your child’s name, age, gender, and city/country. Also include a phone number where we can reach you. Tell us your relationship to the child.  Then, paste all poems (max of three), title included, on the body of the email.
  • Attach the permission slip. Permission to submit
  • For teachers: You may submit your students work in one document (PDF) Include their names, ages and permission slips signed by parents.
  • We will reply letting you know that we received the poems. The selection process may take up to two months.
  • DUE date for submissions OCTOBER 31ST 2017 (Due date updated!)


  • Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme! You may try free verse poetry, haiku, acrostic, etc. as long as you are creative. Feel free to use your own rules… be free, but stick to the theme.
  • To get inspired go on nature walks or visit places that ignite your inspiration. Read lots of poetry by a diversity of authors. Visit your local library and read as many poetry books as you can.
  • Keep a journal by your side to record your thoughts and ideas. Write your ideas down as soon as you can!
  • You may ask for help from a grownup, but the poem has to be your inspiration. Grownups may help you correcting spelling or help with punctuation, or give you a general “feel” about your poem, maybe a couple of suggestions, but all the writing has to come from YOU. Trust us, you’ll feel very proud when you see YOUR poem published.
  • Even if you are not selected, DO NOT GIVE UP! The best writers are used to receiving many, many rejection letters before being able to publish their work.
  • HAVE FUN creating your poetry. First, write what comes from your heart. Save editing for last!
  • Questions? Email

#inSpanish Poesia Alada, poesía y arte para volar, nota de prensa


#NotadePrensa Poesia Alada-cover

Escritora peruana presenta nuevo libro para la comunidad hispana


Mariana Llanos presenta un libro de poesía para niños


20 de abrilth, 2017; Ciudad de Oklahoma. Mariana Llanos, autora de Tristán Lobo, libro finalista del 2013 Readers’s Favorite Award, anuncia el próximo lanzamiento de su nuevo libro, POESIA ALADA. En este libro, ella nos presenta 25 poemas escritos en español y una antología de ilustradores, en su mayoría hispanos, que brindan su propia interpretación visual de cada poema. Los poemas estarán disponibles en inglés en la página web de la autora, para referencia.

Poesía Alada estará disponible en el 22 de abril, seguido de librerías independientes locales. La Sra. Llanos presentará su libro oficialmente el día 12 de mayo en la galería SixTwelve del Paseo Arts District, en un evento abierto a la comunidad donde habrá una exposición de arte y un mini-taller de poesía. Este evento será bilingüe y pretende fomentar el bilingualismo a través de las actividades artísticas.

Mariana Llanos nació en Lima, Perú. Ella es hija de los dos periodistas y desarrolló una pasión para escribir y leer desde muy joven. Estudió teatro en la prestigiosa escuela, CuatroTablas, antes de trasladarse a Oklahoma en el 2002.

En el 2013, publicó su primer libro, Tristan Lobo. Desde entonces, ha publicado siete libros independientemente en inglés y español. Recientemente, ella firmó un contrato con la editorial Penny Candy Books para la publicación de su libro, ” El puente de Luca”, que estará disponible la primavera del 2018.

“Poesía Alada es un reconocimiento a la diversidad y a la belleza de la lengua española como unificador entre todas las culturas que conforman América Latina. El subtítulo del libro es poesía y arte para volar, pues eso es lo que este libro pretende hacer: dale alas a nuestra imaginación,” dice la autora.

Mariana es apasionada de la promoción de la lectura, por lo cual ha visitado más de 150 escuelas de todo el mundo a través de tecnología virtual. Ella está disponible como presentadora para conferencias y entrevistas en sus temas de conocimientos: promoción de la lectura, el campo de la publicación independiente y diversidad en literatura juvenil; así como para entrevistas promocionales en inglés y en español. Para más información o contacto, visite:

Poesia Alada, poetry and art to fly in Spanish!

Purple Corn Press is proud to announce the release of Poesia Alada, poesia y arte para volar, a Spanish-language poetry book for young people. Here is the press release:


Poesia Alada

Children Book Author’s Newest Book for Spanish Speaking Readers


Mariana Llanos releases Spanish poetry book for children


April 18th, 2017; Oklahoma City. Mariana Llanos, author of the 2013 Readers’ Favorite Book Award finalist, Tristan Wolf, announces the upcoming release of her newest book, a book of Spanish poetry for young people, entitled, Poesia Alada. In this book, she presents us with 25 poems written in Spanish, and an anthology of illustrators who bring their own visual interpretation of each poem. The poems will be available in English on the author’s website, for reference.

Poesia Alada will be available nationwide on on April 22nd, and Full Circle Bookstore in Oklahoma City.  Mrs. Llanos will host anevent called “POESIA ALADA, Building Bridges through Art and Poetry” to celebrate the multilingual heritage of Oklahoma City. This event will be held on Friday May 12th at SixTwelve Gallery on Paseo Arts District. The event will include several artistic activities like a poetry mini-workshop, open mic, art show, and invited musicians, completely free of charge.

Mariana Llanos was born in Lima, Peru. She is the daughter of two journalists and developed a passion for writing and reading early on. She wrote poetry, short stories, and plays all the way through school and high school. She studied Theater in the prestigious school, CuatroTablas, before moving to Oklahoma in 2002.

In 2013, she published her first book, Tristan Wolf. Since then, she has published seven books independently in English and Spanish. Recently, she signed a deal with Penny Candy Books for her book, “Luca’s Bridge” which will be available next spring.

“Poesia Alada is a shout out to diversity and the beauty of the Spanish language as unifier between all the cultures that comprise Latin America. The subtitle of the book, poesia arte para volar, means poetry and art to fly. That’s what the book pretends to do with dreamy poems and playful art; kind of give you wings to help your imagination soar!” says the author.

Mariana is a firm believer in promoting literacy and has visited more than 150 schools around the world through virtual technology. She is available for guest speaking presentations and interviews in her expertise topics: children’s literacy, publishing, and diversity in children’s literature, as well as for promotional interviews in English and Spanish. For more information or contact visit: