An Open Call for Submissions: Children-Poets


Purple Corn Press looks for poetry created by children to be included in an upcoming anthology of poetry and art. Our goal is to encourage children to write imaginatively and to foster a passion for poetry.


Some questions to get you inspired: How do you see our world? Do you think grownups are doing a good job taking are of our planet? What would you do instead? What do you love most about our world? What would aliens think about our planet if they came to Earth? Do you think they’ll love it? If you could, how would you change the world?

Call for subs

Please read the guidelines and follow the directions for submission:

  • All poems must be created by children (ages 6 to 16, no exceptions), and must be their original work. Poems must be submitted in English.
  • Poems must be submitted by children’s parents or legal guardians or teachers. We will not accept poems submitted directly from children.
  • Each entrant may submit up to three poems. We will select up to two poems per entrant. Poems should not be longer than 27 lines. We will consider all types of poetry, rhymed or unrhymed, as long as it is highly imaginative.
  • Please, do not send illustrations. Each child-poet will be paired with a professional illustrator.
  • Each person selected in the anthology will receive a copy of the book.
  • This project will be funded through a Kickstarter campaign. We will seek to pay a modest amount for each child-poet if project is fully funded. This project might not see light of day if not funded through Kickstarter. At some point, we will ask you to share links to the Kickstarter page and to promote the campaign with friends and family.
  • If child is selected we will need a picture of your child and your permission to share along with his/her name on social media. Also, we’ll be doing promotional posts on our blog and other media.
  • We reserve the right to select or not to select a poem for the anthology. Reasons for not selecting a poem vary greatly, and many times has nothing to do with its quality. We will do our best to let you know if your poem was selected or not. We also reserve the right to not continue with this project.
  • Download a permission slip to be signed by parents: Permission to submit 


  • Send poems to
  • On the subject field write: Submission and (first and last name). In the body of the email include a short cover letter telling us your child’s name, age, gender, and city/country. Also include a phone number where we can reach you. Tell us your relationship to the child.  Then, paste all poems (max of three), title included, on the body of the email.
  • Attach the permission slip. Permission to submit
  • For teachers: You may submit your students work in one document (PDF) Include their names, ages and permission slips signed by parents.
  • We will reply letting you know that we received the poems. The selection process may take up to two months.
  • DUE date for submissions DECEMBER 31ST 2018 (Due date updated!)


  • Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme! You may try free verse poetry, haiku, acrostic, etc. as long as you are creative. Feel free to use your own rules… be free, but stick to the theme.
  • To get inspired go on nature walks or visit places that ignite your inspiration. Read lots of poetry by a diversity of authors. Visit your local library and read as many poetry books as you can.
  • Keep a journal by your side to record your thoughts and ideas. Write your ideas down as soon as you can!
  • You may ask for help from a grownup, but the poem has to be your inspiration. Grownups may help you correcting spelling or help with punctuation, or give you a general “feel” about your poem, maybe a couple of suggestions, but all the writing has to come from YOU. Trust us, you’ll feel very proud when you see YOUR poem published.
  • Even if you are not selected, DO NOT GIVE UP! The best writers are used to receiving many, many rejection letters before being able to publish their work.
  • HAVE FUN creating your poetry. First, write what comes from your heart. Save editing for last!
  • Questions? Email

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