A #multicultural event to launch the poetry book Poesía Alada

On May 12th 2017 Purple Corn Press hosted its first multicultural event to celebrate the release of our new book Poesia Alada, written by Mariana Llanos, illustrated by Uldarico Sarmiento, Beatriz Mayorca, Rocio Perez del Solar, Julian Galvan, Ximena Suarez Sousa, Kimberly Nguyen and Mariana Llanos, edited by Ligia Lopez de Castilla.

The event was held at SixTwelve, a community space in the heart of Paseo Arts District in Oklahoma City. It was a fun evening, with so many friends attending and sharing their love for arts and culture. Our main goal was to highlight the language diversity of the Oklahoma City community.

Uldarico Sarmiento gave a mini-workshop showing his technique to work with charcoal:

Kimberly Nguyen brought a fun printmaking activity for your children (in age and at heart!):

We had a myriad of friends sharing their talents: Bill Boudreau , writer, poet and songwriter sang  and recited in French. Henry Cline, novelist and songwriter sang two of his wonderful songs. Staci Mauney of Prestige Prose was there to give editorial advice to anyone interested in improving their writing skills:



Also, we were honored to have some amazing children who shared their heritage and talent with us. First, Tvske and her brother Nokose shared the story of the Muscogee (Creek) nation and taught us a few phrases in the Muscogee language. Later, we had Andre read the poem he helped create, My Extraordinary Tree, in English and in Spanish. Alana sang “Poco a Poco” a huayno in Spanish, to the delight of the audience.

Poesia Alada illustrators, Uldarico Sarmiento, Rocio Perez del Solar, Beatriz Mayorca, Kimberly Nguyen, editor Ligia Lopez de Castilla, and author-illustrator Mariana Llanos had a chance to interact with the audience and share their thoughts about the process for this wonderful poetry book.

It was an unforgettable evening. We are looking forward to organizing a similar cultural event next year!

Poesia Alada is available on Amazon.com on this link: http://amzn.to/2rs3wJI for $11.99

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.


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